July 1, 2012

Description: The Aroma Gourmet 6-Cup Digital Electric Kettle features advanced digital settings to heat water to exactly the temperature that's needed. Four specifically chosen temperature settings provide the perfect heat for favorite teas and other hot beverages. The Aroma Gourmet Digital Kettle also features a Keep-Warm setting that will maintain the temperature for up to 20 minutes - perfect for serving! Water temperature is easy to monitor as the IntelliTemp™ display provides real-time temperature readings and Spectrum Illumination provides an easy-to-see colored light change representing each temperature level.

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Model:  AWK-290SBD

Price: $79.99

Capacity: 1.5 l / 48 oz.

Temperature Settings: Five pre-sets


  • Precise digital controls set to 5 temperatures for a variety of hot beverages
  • Keep-Warm function maintains temperature for up to 20 minutes
  • IntelliTemp™ display provides real time temperature readings
  • Cordless, 360-degree pouring for easy serving
  • Spectrum Illumination utilizes colored light to clearly indicate water temperature
  • 6-cup/1.5-liter capacity

July 1, 2012


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