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Linnea Covington is a freelance writer in Brooklyn, New York, who has had the opportunity to experience food and drink from around the world on one little island. Of course, that didn’t stop her from exploring India, Argentina, parts of Europe, and the rest of the United States. With a focus on food journalism, she has written about her travels and her city through the gourmet lenses of an enthusiastic eater. From tea and coffee, to whiskey and beer, to tacos and curries, she has scribbled about, tasted, and enjoyed an array of culinary adventures. Since she grew up in Colorado, Celestial Seasonings was pretty much all she knew about tea until her father brought back little nests of pu’erh from the Tao of Tea after a trip he took to Portland. With the first sip she realized tea could have body and has been collecting ever since, whether it’s from a Chinese tea shop in San Francisco, off a merchant in New Delhi, or online from beloved purveyors. Understanding and experiencing these different teas has helped open up the world to their rich flavors, caffeinated boosts, healing properties, and as a component in a mixed drink or meal. Not only that, but she happily gets to sip her beverage in one of the many teacups inherited from her grandmother.

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