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Graham Kilshaw Chief Media Officer

Graham was raised on England’s eastern coast in Boston, a port town with a history of tea drinking that predates the 1630 founding of its namesake Boston, Mass.

"For me, the opportunity to combine my enjoyment of tea, and my career as a publisher just makes me smile every day - I feel very fortunate. Growing up in England, tea has been in my blood as far back as I can remember, and moving to the United States some years ago did nothing to diminish this. In more recent years, while travelling to Asia to launch other new magazines and media, my experience of tea has only widened."

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Kate Sullivan Content Director
Kate can’t actually remember the first time she drank tea, but she remembers collections of different blends and infusions around the house growing up, and throwing tea parties for friends well into high school. The first box she unpacked in college was the tea pantry, and she prefers not to discuss how much time she’s spent on a quest for the perfect rose congou. She’s made her career as an editor and media designer, working as a daily newspaper copy editor and page designer at The Berkshire Eagle in Massachusetts and as the managing editor for Hemmings Classic Car and Hemmings Muscle Machines, but she’s delighted to finally be able to bring her passion for tea and her passion for media together in a delicious brew.

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Cem Guvener Business Development Director
Cem Cem was born in Austin, Texas but moved to Istanbul, Turkey with his family when he was 2 years old. Growing up in Turkey, he was surrounded by tea at every breakfast table, during visits with friends and family and while out socializing at cafes. He also enjoyed having a few cups in the traditional Turkish Tea Glass while beating his friends in every single game of backgammon (okay, maybe he might have lost a game or two). After studying Mechanical Engineering in Istanbul he started his second chapter in the USA. After working in NYC for a sports marketing company he moved to Florida to get his master’s degree, and from there he moved to Philadelphia to work in the sales department for the Philadelphia 76ers. During his time in the USA, Cem was introduced to a variety of different teas, and he began to appreciate them as much as he did the Turkish Black Tea. His newfound appreciation of tea came together with his entrepreneurial spirit, and soon Cem started to study and explore the Tea Business, setting his sights on a new concept. But he shelved the initiative when he found the perfect fit, a role that melded together his appreciation of tea and his experience in the sales/marketing field – that being the role of Business Development Director at Tea Magazine.

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Jamie Santoro Brand Journalist

Jamie Santoro
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Dawn Hoffman Audience Cultivation Director

Dawn Hoffman
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Jacqueline Gentile Audience Cultivation Specialist

Jacqueline Gentile
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Pearl Dexter Founding Editor
Pearl Dexter is the founding editor of Tea Magazine® a magazine dedicated to a worldwide audience, informing, educating, and entertaining its readers with articles exploring the history, culture, consumption, and dramatic health benefits of the venerable beverage. Its raison d'être was the passion for the way of tea (she calls it "pachado"). Her tea enthusiasm and spirit are felt throughout the magazine. Although tea is just a beverage to some, to Pearl it is a way of life.

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Contributing Editors
Alexis Siemons
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Linnea Covington
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Cynthia Gold
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Stephanie Santangelo
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Michelle Rabin
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