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There are now over 30,000 readers, fans, and followers of Tea Magazine® content across 9 different media platforms. Total Audience Marketing, a program conceived by our team in 2012, does just what the name suggests - we engage our complete audience across all platforms with your brand. Our team of brand journalists posts on our social platforms on your behalf, (yes we do the work for you!), we create targeted email campaigns, online brand building, and print/retail campaigns.

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January/February – Health Tea
We all know that tea is good for you – but does it have a place in your medicine cabinet? We look at tea’s role in immune support, weight loss and more; learn about Ayurveda; and dive into the gluten-free world. 
Deadline: November 25, 2013

March/April – Tea with Purpose
Tea is more than just delicious; it can help change the world. As a largely handmade product coming from all corners of the globe, tea has the potential to make an impact on many lives in many ways. We investigate what life is like on one tea plantation, spotlight companies with social awareness programs and charitable interactions, and profile a tea sommelier who’s donating mammogram machines to plantation workers in Sri Lanka.
Deadline: January 21, 2014

May/June – Tea in Bloom
As the weather warms and we start getting into the garden again, we show you how blossoming teas are made; look behind the scenes at how some teas are infused with the essence of flowers; help you plan out a home tea garden; and update the traditional garden party with a modern spin.
Deadline: March 24, 2014

July/August – Journeys
Tea Magazine goes on the road! We take you around the neighborhood and across the globe with a variety of inspiring trips – from road trips around the US that will take you to a variety of top tea destinations and quirky local gems to vicarious trips to the places tea is grown and produced. You’ll travel the world from your sofa!
Deadline: May 26, 2014

September/October – Pop Culture
Pop culture is steeped in tea! From the high teas of Downton Abbey to fanfic-inspired blends and TARDIS teapots, our favorite drink has made its way from the Victorian era to visions of the future. We round up pop-culture teaware, introduce you to steampunk culture and its reimagining of traditional tea rituals, check out how tea is popping up in top TV shows and scope out tea’s influence on geek chic.
Deadline: July 21, 2014

November/December – Bottoms Up
Tea has taken the world of mixology by storm! Tea cocktails are intricate, varied and nuanced – and there’s a never-ending parade of them at the hippest bars. We learn why tea blends so well with alcohol; help you throw the perfect party; go behind the scenes with innovative mixologists and bartenders; and look at the history of punch and other traditional pairings.
Deadline:  September 22, 2014


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